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Interreg Reporter at @InterregBSR.
Communications Expert in the bubble and Human Rights Activist ‍
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Последние твиты от Luca.A (@LucaArfini) Founder of @YLVoices Leaky Eye Luca will attack with his shovel
He fights with a shovel, since he is a Standless human and is most likely the first boss you'll fight His total HP is 100
Explore the Best Lucapixar Art | DeviantArt
Leaky Eye Luca is the weakest Boss in-game, he is located in the park

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7 7 Candice Luca.
Candice Luca476
A Luca is someone who is genuinly attractive He is one of that guys that may seem like just a normal person but as soon as you start spending time with him, you will slowly start to see his qualities
Das ist ihm aber egal